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ResiPlus® Business Intelligence

ResiPlus® Business Intelligence is a solution that with no need of additional admin duties, makes easier the treatment, analysis and consolidation of data recorded in the care home.

ResiPlus® combines and compares clinical, personal, social and financial data of your business. You will be able to create scenarios, stablish objectives, check results, and obtain reports that help you to make decisions.

The interface designed with graphics and alerts, gives you a direct access to key indicators. The dashboard is organized by areas that have indicators and alerts already configured. You will be able to know:

Care Services Panel

Number of complaints related to this process in relation to all the complaints in the care home

Number of falls in relation to the number of persons with fall risk

Number of pressure sores originated in the care home in relation to the risk population

Percentage of interrelationship between the prescription and the administration of medication

Achievement of professional plan

ResiPlus® Business Intelligence