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Software Complements

With ResiPlus®, you can combine as many licences as you need in the way that best suits your requirements. We understand that every centre is unique and has specific requirements. For that reason, our software adapts to each one independently as a versatile and effective solution.

ResiPlus® Relatives

ResiPlus® Relatives, a Web Application designed in order to improve communication between relatives and the Care Home. Its integration with ResiPlus® allows you to decide which data you would like to share and update with the family in real time, with no additional tasks.


ResiPlus® Business Intelligence

With ResiPlus® Business Intelligence you will be able to transform recorded data by ResiPlus® in valuable data for your business in every Work and Business Area. Besides, with ResiPlus® BI you will be able to create different scenarios that will allow you to anticipate to future trends, making decisions in this way much easier.


ResiPlus® SMS

With ResiPlus® SMS, you will be able to communicate with hundreds of persons using the contacts stored in ResiPlus®, just in a few minutes with a low cost. Thanks to SMS can be received in any place, in any moment, there is no need for internet connection to be always connected.