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With ResiPlus®, you will be able to organize activities according to the needs of the residents, and from one single environment, with no need to duplicate the information: introduce, check and transmit all the records object of interest of residents as well as the care home in general.





  • Personal Information and Admission details.
  • Medical history: Diseases, allergies and past illnesses.
  • Medication plans.
  • Progress notes.
  • Care Requirements: Diets.
  • Evaluation of residents.
  • Input in Touchscreen Version.
  • Input in Tablet Version.


  • Medication administration.
  • Planning, organisation and recording of activities.
  • Observations.
  • Assessments.
  • Progress Notes.
  • Input in Touchscreen Version.
  • Input in Tablet Version.


  • Invoicing and Billing (stay fee and other services).
  • Payments (receipts, bank remittances, returns).
  • Cash (centre and residents).
  • Local authorities, CCGs and other economic agreements.
  • Accounting link.


ResiPlus® Touchscreen Edition is designed for carers of the care home. They will be able to work with an interface based on images so they barely need skills in informatics. In this way, it is implemented in an agile and intuitive way, an exigent and rigorous control of care services provided to the resident.



  • Orders and inventory.
  • Management of prescriptions and outstanding orders.
  • Inventory, preparation and administration incidents.
  • Link to automated systems for the packaging or packing of medicines.


  • User attendance records.
  • Visitor records.
  • Resident arrival and departure records.
  • Labels, messaging, emailing.
  • Incidents.
  • Specialist diaries and appointments.


  • Personal and employment details
  • Contacts, addresses and CVs.
  • Uniforms and assigned equipment.
  • Training courses.
  • Volunteers.


ResiPlus® Tablet is designed to be used by doctors and nurses. With this new web application, you will be able to connect from any device with Wi-Fi or 3G and use ResiPlus® during visits to residents. ResiPlus® Tablet will allow you to update, manage and check his activity and information in real time.



  • Suggestions and complaints.
  • Satisfaction surveys.
  • Indicators.
  • Incident management.
  • Policies, protocols and procedures.


  • Commercial contracts and supervision.
  • Commercial agenda.
  • Institutions and proposers.
  • Estimates, reports and documents.


  • Shift management.
  • Planning, management and analysis of requirements.
  • Incident administration and control.


360º CARE CIRCUIT. With Rules Area, ResiPlus® becomes the best ally against mistakes and forgets caused by human error. Set rules and conditions in relation to the care of residents, and help staff to make better their daily job.



  • Multitenant.
  • European Personal Data Protection Act and access history.
  • Password and password expiry management.
  • Personalisation of permissions and access authorisations per user.
  • Customisation of drop-down lists.
  • Required fields and processes.


  • General details, contacts and services.
  • Acceptance criteria and certificates.
  • Invoices, services and payment management.
  • Commercial agreements and discounts.
  • Procurement management: orders, delivery invoices and invoices.
  • Inventory control.
  • Incidents and nonconformities.


  • Available reports and lists for all management areas.
  • Export to Excel, Word and PDF, among other formats.
  • Customisation of lists and internal reports.
  • Document management for external images and files (any format).


  • Resident
  • Personal and financial details.
  • Stay History.
  • Contacts, relatives and addresses.
  • Documents (contracts, authorisations).
  • Centre
  • Opening times.
  • General and contact details.
  • Messaging, emailing.
  • Customized lists.
  • Document management.


  • Management of Work Orders, for Preventive and Corrective actions.
  • Maintenance Plan.
  • Systems and equipments.
  • Types of Maintenance Tasks.
  • Types of Maintenance Records.
  • Integration with Incidences.
  • Lists and statistics.


  • Vehicles and drivers.
  • Route planning.
  • Users and incidents.

  • The technicians have a deep knowledge and lots of patience to clear up the doubts raised.
    Amparo Bonaque OrtizDirector Nursing Home for Ancianos Pensionistas Ferroviarios de Aguilas
  • Technical Support as it is currently working is essential for the daily management of our homes. Thanks for the attention received and the fast solving of issues.
    Josep Marés PalósDirector Nursing Home Pi i Sunyer
  • On our side, everything is correct. Highlight the effective attention to the issues we have, the ability to resolve incidents on the moment and great ability to empathize and solve problems we present. Effective and efficient work
    José Luis Álvarez Peñalver Technical Director of Homes and Services, ANDE Foundation
  • The correction and attention received when contacting technical services is worth congratulation
    Elisabet Jordà FerrandisDirector Daycare Mare de Deu de la Salut
  • We find in ADD a close and receptive company to attend improvement proposals. As a group of nursing homes I must say that we have always had the support of the ADD team and in no case have they been an obstacle to implementing improvements, rather the complete opposite, they complement our ideas that, in many cases, had already been detected by them as a need and had related projects already in progress. This is a trustworthy partner involved deeply in our company projects
    Pablo Bosch CondeDirector of Operations Geroresidenciales Solimar
  • Ever since we committed to ResiPlus®, their professionals have always listened to our concerns and needs. Furthermore, they ask for our collaboration in order to perfectly adjust the programme to our needs as professionals. It is therefore a piece of management software that enables us to provide our residents with the best and most comprehensive care services.
    Inmaculada AndreuDirector of Residencia Bonaire (Torrente, València)


ResiPlus® Relatives

ResiPlus® Relatives, a Web Application designed in order to improve communication between relatives and the Care Home. Its integration with ResiPlus® allows you to decide which data you would like to share and update with the family in real time, with no additional tasks.


ResiPlus® Business Intelligence

With ResiPlus® Business Intelligent you will be able to transform recorded data by ResiPlus® in valuable data for your business in every Work and Business Area. Besides, with ResiPlus® BI you will be able to create different scenarios that will allow you to anticipate to future trends, making decisions in this way much easier.


ResiPlus® SMS

With ResiPlus® SMS, you will be able to communicate with hundreds of persons using the contacts stored in ResiPlus®, just in a few minutes with a low cost. Thanks to SMS can be received in any place, in any moment, there is no need for internet connection to be always connected.